Grannie Loves Fireball

Like the buzz, it is simply guaranteed to give to you, Fireball whiskey actually seems to have just come out from the middle of nowhere. Just a couple of years ago, if a friend offered to give you a shot of  “fireball” you would think about it for a moment and look for a fire extinguisher.

These days, thanks to some very clever marketing maneuvers that do involve Twitter, some bikini-clad Nashville bartenders as well as tons of free shots throughout colleges across the country, this cinnamon-flavored whiskey is a “thing.”

It certainly was the youth of our country that have now made Fireball into the official shot when it comes to getting wasted and sending some texts you regret while going online and trying to save money on your auto insurance in the middle of the night.

In fact, the best insurance agent in Arlington Virginia tweeted about how his sweet 100-year-old granny really likes to get down and party with the sweet booze:

So here is a small taste of how one grannie responds to her very first shot of Fireball. Who knows?