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Why Expired Domains?

Unlike new domains, Expired domains have many benefits and use-cases!

Powerful Link Profile

Powerful Link Profile

Powerful Link Profile

Expired domains come with existing backlinks and link juice. Most expired domains have some links.

Even if they have one high-quality link on a domain, it is an edge over a brand new domain. The value of a single high-quality link makes it worth the effort to buy an expired domain.

Finding a strong expired domain is a hectic and time-consuming task. However, you can skip these steps and purchase directly from Xpired.

  • We Use Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz for checking Backlink Profiles.
  • All Our Expired Domains are Non-Spammy and High quality.
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301 Redirect

301 Redirect

301 Redirect is a simple way to pass all the link juice of the expired domain to your existing domain. 301 redirect tells search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo that the content has been permanently shifted to another website.

301 is the fastest way to get link juice from authority websites without paying 100's of dollars. A paid do-follow link from Forbes will cost you somewhere around 1000-1500 USD.

But you can buy an expired domain with a Forbes link for around 50-100 USD, and it will pass the link juice to your money site.

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Private Blog Network

Private blog network

Private Blog Network

PBN, short for Private Blog Network, is a network of blogs that you make using an expired domain with strong link profiles and clean history—made to rank your money site.

But, if you choose the wrong expired domain with poor backlinks and spammy history. It might deindex your money site.

You can use Xpired to prevent this. We analyze every expired domain using ahrefs, semrush, moz & archive to check its backlink profile and history.

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Domain Age

Domain Age

Domain Age

Many consider Domain Age as SEO Myth, but if you publish high-quality content, Aged expired domains outbid newly registered domains because of powerful link profile and domain history.

Authority grows over time, and aged domains have many advantages compared to newly registered domains. Finding a high-quality aged domains with powerful links can be a tedious task, and if you work on a spammy domain, you may never rank on Google.

By using Xpired, you can begin your online journey in minutes.

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Our Awesome Inventory

Here are Some Amazing Domain Types We Have!


  • Xpired is Fastest Cloud Base Expired Domain Finder with friendly UI.
  • Xpired Can Find Expired Content.
  • Xpired can find Expired web 2.0.
  • Xpired can find Keyword Related Expired Domain.
  • With Xpired you don't have to check manually whether the domain is available or not. It will only show available Domains.
  • With Xpired you can manage your expired domains and hostings. You will get Email Notifications of Expiring Domains & Hosting.
  • And Many More Features!

As per our Terms and Condition Xpired is not obligated to provide you a refund at any time.
The 1.5 USD (or the equivalent in your local currency) for the 2-day trial subscription is strictly non-refundable.

For your monthly subscription, you have 24 hours ( Only New Customers ) after the transaction to request for a refund, but please be advised that we reserve the right to decline that request should we see high activity on your account within this time.

Currently, We have Integrated Metrics Such As Domain Authority, Page Authority, TrustFlow, Citation Flow.

Also we show Referring Domains Count, Spamscore, Dofollow/Nofollow Ratio and whether the domains are available for Register or not !

Currently, Our Crawler Can Find .com, .org, .net, .info, .co.uk, .uk Soon we are going to add new TLD'S.

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